The BRIKCOIN story started with two property industry veterans James Hare and Mark Gathercole being frustrated with the current state of affordable housing in the UK and how it was causing people with generations of roots in the cities to move out to find lodging they could afford. New generations of incoming communities were also not able to find a place in the overpriced market leading to stagnating cities and the dearth in new cultures and innovation that new communities bring to cities.


So, they decided to find a solution to this problem through a community funded effort that would allow them to build affordable long term housing solutions while supplying investors profits and remaining true to their vision. Blockchain, they decided, was the perfect way to achieve this goal.


Meeting ShellPay’s Jane Zhang at a conference in Dubai, the three formed a partnership where ShellPay would build and maintain the blockchain network and systems while BRIKCOIN built a team that would work on the business application side. BRIKCOIN found ShellPay’s SkyLedger system, which is based on Skycoin, a perfect technology to bring their vision to life. This blockchain network allows instant transactions for free, without enormous energy costs like Bitcoin and without an incentive to distribution inequality like Ethereum (both small and large investors have the same power with BRIKCOIN).


With blockchain, investment into BRIKCOIN and affordable housing will be available to everyone around the world and BRIKCOIN can offer these investors cheap, instant transactions, low minimums and instant liquidity through online exchanges.


With the technology already tested, set and built, BRIKCOIN has now moved forward to the most important part, the application of this technology or building the company to best deliver on the promise of affordable housing and provide an investment vehicle that will be efficient in transferring funds, hassle free and available to everyone around the world.


Currently, we have raised money from private sales to those close to the project which we are using to spread the word to make this socially responsible and profitable investment opportunity available to everyone around the world.


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